Summertime is an awesome time to go camping but staying cool while camping can be difficult. Camping is a great way to get away and relax, but it is hard to do that when it’s too hot. The following 9 tips will help you stay cool and make your camping trips more enjoyable.

1. Pitch your tent in the shade

One very important aspect of staying cool while camping is keeping your tent cool. Pitching your tent in the shade will help you do just that. There is a very large temperature difference between tents that sit in the sun and tents that are in the shade. It’s much easier when you have a small 4 person tent to find a shady area, but if you have a large family tent, you’ll have to be pickier when choosing a campsite.

When you are picking a location to pitch your tent, look for the locations that will offer the most shade. You most likely won’t be able to find a location that offers shade all day. Focus on getting the most shade you can during the hottest parts of the day. Midday and afternoon will be the hottest, so try and find a location that will offer the most shade during those times of the day.

2. Take off the rainfly

A tent rainfly will hold in a surprisingly large amount of heat. Removing the rainfly will allow a tent to vent and remain much cooler than tents that have the rainfly on. Additionally, many tents have screened windows on the top of the tent. Removing the rainfly is effectively like opening windows on the top of the tent.

Similarly, you should open as many of the windows as possible to allow for good air circulation. Without good circulation, the air inside the tent will remain stagnant and will continue to heat up and become more uncomfortable.

3. Camping near water

Camping near water is not always an option, but if it is, you should take advantage of it. Having water nearby can help a lot with keeping cool while camping. Having a river, lake, stream, or any other water source nearby can noticeably lower the temperate and make your camping more enjoyable.

I have found that camping near moving water like a river is even a little better than near a lake or pond that does not have as much movement. While planning out your camping trip, try and find a location near water to help lower the temperature.

4. Get a tent fan or two

A woman carrying a fan into a camping tent.Having a fan in your tent is a must for staying cool while camping. Using a fan or two to help move the air and create a small breeze inside your tent will help you feel much cooler. The fans won’t actually cool the air, but they will help you feel cooler.

Simply turning on a fan can make it feel much cooler without changing the actual temperature. There are lots of great options to choose from on Amazon, and you can pick them up for pretty reasonable prices.

5. Choose the right sleeping bag

Choosing the right sleeping bag is very important because there are many different options rated for a wide range of temperatures. When the weather is hot, you definitely don’t want to try sleeping in a bag rated for cold temperatures.

Find a sleeping bag rated for warm weather. If the temperature is warm enough, you could even just use a sleeping bag liner. Either way, finding a sleeping bag for the correct temperature will go a long way toward helping you stay cool while camping.

6. Use an A/C unit

If you have access to electricity or have a generator large enough, consider bringing an A/C unit. Many family tents now even have built-in flaps specifically for A/C units. This is one of the best ways of staying cool while camping.

A/C units are also great if you will be camping in a humid location. A/C units take the moisture out of the air and so it’s a great way to keep your tent cool as well as lower the humidity level in the tent.

You can find lots of portable A/C units as well as tents with built-in A/C flaps on Amazon.

7. Wear the right clothes

Wearing the right clothes is important for all weather conditions. Whether it is hot or cold, wearing proper clothes will help keep you more comfortable.

For summer camping, focus on wearing lighter, more loose-fitting clothes that allow for airflow. You’ll still want to make sure you are covered as you don’t want to have to worry about getting a sunburn.

Additionally, a great accessory to your camping attire is a wide-brim hat. These hats will keep you cool as they provide you with shade as well as help prevent sunburns.

8. Avoid campfires

This tip is actually my least favorite. For me, campfires are an essential part of camping, but during the summer, it’s best just to avoid them. Campfires will heat you up pretty quickly. If it is close enough to your tent, it will also heat up your tent.

If you are camping in a warm location and staying cool is a priority, the best advice for campfires is to simply avoid having them. If you must have a fire for cooking or some other reason, ensure it is far enough away to not heat up the rest of your gear.

9. Use a portable misting system

Misting systems are an awesome way to keep you cool while camping. Misters work best in locations with low humidity. If you are camping in the desert or other locations with low humidity, a portable misting system is a great option for staying cool while camping.

There are many options to choose from on Amazon. You can find larger systems as well as small handheld fans. Either way, misting systems are a great way to lower the temperature in a large or small area.

Tips for staying cool while camping