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I am an avid camper and love camping with my wife and kids. I've been camping since I was a kid and enjoy spending time in the great outdoors. I share my knowledge here at Tents n Trees with the hope of making it easier for families to get out, go camping, and grow closer.

Best Sleeping Bags for Camping

Sleeping bags are some of the most important pieces of gear you'll need for a camping trip. There are a lot of different options and there are good features about them all. This list of the best sleeping bags for camping will help you find the right one for [...]

Best Sleeping Bags for Camping2019-06-18T14:04:22-07:00

Camco Collapsible Trash Can Review

The Final Say: The Camco Collapsible Trash Can is a super easy way to bring a trash can with you on your next. This is a great alternative to simply hanging a trash bag in a tree or having it sit on the ground next to your kitchen. This [...]

Camco Collapsible Trash Can Review2019-06-03T10:22:29-07:00

The Best Camping Games for Kids

Getting out in nature with your family can be a relaxing change of pace. It's good to get away and unplug from everyday life and technology. While I like to just sit and soak it all in, my kids like to be continually occupied. Let's face it; kids get [...]

The Best Camping Games for Kids2019-06-03T10:22:26-07:00

The Ultimate DIY First Aid Kit Guide

Getting out and going camping with your family is an awesome way to create lasting memories but you want to make sure it doe end up being a good experience. Being ready for emergencies ensures it’s a stress-free experience when you know that you're ready for whatever Mother Nature, [...]

The Ultimate DIY First Aid Kit Guide2019-06-03T10:22:20-07:00

Beckworth & Co. Large Bamboo Folding Table Review

The Final Say: Beckworth & Co.'s large bamboo folding table is a great option for those wanting a quality table in the most compact form. The table is made from high-quality materials and folds up into a very compact size. Additionally, the legs are adjustable which allows you to [...]

Beckworth & Co. Large Bamboo Folding Table Review2019-06-03T10:22:16-07:00

21 Awesome Tips for Camping in the Rain

So you've planned your next family camping trip and you just learned that it is expected to rain. What should you do? Cancel the trip? Move it to a different date? Go and hope for the best? Don't worry, rain does not have to ruin your camping trip. Camping [...]

21 Awesome Tips for Camping in the Rain2019-06-03T10:22:13-07:00

50 Best Places to Go Camping in Arizona

Arizona is one of the most diverse places in all of the United States. In Arizona, you can camp in the desert, in the mountains, in the forests, near lakes, near rivers, and much more. There are so many great places for camping in Arizona, it can be hard to [...]

50 Best Places to Go Camping in Arizona2019-06-03T10:22:11-07:00

Coleman Camping Hatchet Review

The Final Say: The Coleman Camping Hatchet is a no non-sense hatchet that does exactly what you want it to do. This is a very basic hatchet, which is great if all you want is a hatchet and possibly and hammer substitute. This [...]

Coleman Camping Hatchet Review2019-06-03T10:22:04-07:00

A Practical Guide to Family Camping Gear Storage

Camping is awesome and great for families but what do you do with all your gear when not using it? If you are like us, we already have a ton of stuff and space is limited. Well, there are still ways to find some extra space for family camping [...]

A Practical Guide to Family Camping Gear Storage2019-06-03T10:22:01-07:00

5 Simple Tips For Camping With Toddlers

I've always loved camping but once we began having kids I was afraid that we might have to stop. I mean really, how are you suppose to take toddlers camping? Wouldn't it make the whole process much harder? No, it doesn't have to be much harder to camp with [...]

5 Simple Tips For Camping With Toddlers2019-06-08T22:22:12-07:00

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