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I am an avid camper and love camping with my wife and kids. I've been camping since I was a kid and enjoy spending time in the great outdoors. I share my knowledge here at Tents n Trees with the hope of making it easier for families to get out, go camping, and grow closer.

Pros and Cons of Camping with Your Dog

Taking your dog on a camping trip often sounds fun. After all, who doesn’t want to show their dog all the interesting sights and sounds this world has to offer? However, taking your dog camping is absolutely not for every person or canine. Sometimes, the cons simply outweigh the pros. [...]

Pros and Cons of Camping with Your Dog2021-11-18T16:25:23-07:00

Venustas Heated Jacket Review

The Final Say: The Venustas Heated Jacket is a great option for those looking for an additional source of heat when out camping or in the outdoors in colder weather. This jacket boasts heating elements on the torso, back, and shoulders that will keep you warm in some of the [...]

Venustas Heated Jacket Review2021-09-02T15:52:07-07:00

15 Best Places To Go Camping in Georgia

Spending a night under the stars is a time-honored tradition for many families. If you are looking for the best places to go camping in Georgia, there are plenty of campsites to choose from for a night out in nature. Whether a tent and roughing it a little fits your [...]

15 Best Places To Go Camping in Georgia2021-08-28T09:59:16-07:00

15 Best Places to go Camping in Michigan

Lakeshores lined with dunes and sandstone cliffs, hiking trails with untouched wildlife, and around 20 million acres of forestland make Michigan one of the most topographically diverse states for outdoor adventures. You'll find some of the nation's best camping in Michigan, and as the landscapes, the camping opportunities are varied. [...]

15 Best Places to go Camping in Michigan2021-07-26T17:03:44-07:00

12 Awesome Family Hiking Tips

  One of the best ways to introduce your kids to the Great Outdoors is with a family-friendly hiking trip. We never thought twice about hauling our kids along on our hiking adventures, and because of this, we made quite a few blunders. Lucky for you, we’ve put together this [...]

12 Awesome Family Hiking Tips2021-07-09T22:55:19-07:00

10 Best Camping Coolers

A good camping cooler is an essential piece of equipment for your family adventures. Without it, you simply cannot go camping unless you stock up on MREs and due to sodium content, we do not recommend that. In this article, we are going to detail all the important features [...]

10 Best Camping Coolers2021-07-05T13:19:32-07:00

17 Easy Camping Meals that Make Camp Cooking Hassle-Free

Camping – it’s one of those experiences that we all treasure from our childhood, however, it’s not all plain sailing. Indeed, for whoever should be “unlucky” enough to get landed with the role of camp chef, the entire experience can often be a lot more stressful than it should be. [...]

17 Easy Camping Meals that Make Camp Cooking Hassle-Free2021-06-30T22:50:00-07:00

7 Best Pop-up Canopies for Camping

Whether your next family camping trip takes you up in the mountains, out in the desert, to the beach, or a dense forest, you cannot go wrong having a pop-up canopy. These versatile, easy-to-set-up contraptions can provide relief from a variety of environmental factors. If you are considering purchasing [...]

7 Best Pop-up Canopies for Camping2021-06-14T09:46:06-07:00

7 Bear Safety Camping Tips

Bear safety may be low on your camping list, especially if you are camping in the lower 48 states. However, with human populations ever encroaching into bear habitat, it is now estimated that bears live in 40 states. So, what does this mean for your family camping trip? Types of [...]

7 Bear Safety Camping Tips2021-05-12T22:11:37-07:00

Surviveware Large First Aid Kit Review

The Final Say: Surviveware's Large First Aid Kit is a very robust first aid kit that will cover almost all the aspects of first aid that you'd like to have with you on a camping trip. The kit includes 200 first aid items and supplies that go beyond the basics [...]

Surviveware Large First Aid Kit Review2021-04-17T10:18:08-07:00
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