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I am an avid camper and love camping with my wife and kids. I've been camping since I was a kid and enjoy spending time in the great outdoors. I share my knowledge here at Tents n Trees with the hope of making it easier for families to get out, go camping, and grow closer.

7 Best Pop-up Canopies for Camping

Whether your next family camping trip takes you up in the mountains, out in the desert, to the beach, or a dense forest, you cannot go wrong having a pop-up canopy. These versatile, easy-to-set-up contraptions can provide relief from a variety of environmental factors. If you are considering purchasing [...]

7 Best Pop-up Canopies for Camping2021-06-14T09:46:06-07:00

7 Bear Safety Camping Tips

Bear safety may be low on your camping list, especially if you are camping in the lower 48 states. However, with human populations ever encroaching into bear habitat, it is now estimated that bears live in 40 states. So, what does this mean for your family camping trip? Types of [...]

7 Bear Safety Camping Tips2021-05-12T22:11:37-07:00

Surviveware Large First Aid Kit Review

The Final Say: Surviveware's Large First Aid Kit is a very robust first aid kit that will cover almost all the aspects of first aid that you'd like to have with you on a camping trip. The kit includes 200 first aid items and supplies that go beyond the basics [...]

Surviveware Large First Aid Kit Review2021-04-17T10:18:08-07:00

18 Best Places to Go Camping in Washington

Camping in Washington State is popular and the camping choices are plentiful. That's because the state has spectacular landscapes to enjoy from mountainscapes to the rugged coastline with forested lakes in between. Whether you're looking for exciting outdoor adventures from hiking trails to paddling streams or simply need a break [...]

18 Best Places to Go Camping in Washington2021-04-12T18:07:13-07:00

7 Best Camping Coffee Makers

The most beautiful thing about camping is giving up the modern-day lifestyle we’ve all become accustomed to for the beautiful outdoors. However, for a coffee drinker, a delicious coffee is essential. We can help you find the best camping coffee maker for you. Luckily, camping enthusiasts have devised ways to [...]

7 Best Camping Coffee Makers2021-03-31T17:10:13-07:00

6 Best Camping Fans for Warm Weather Camping

I don't know about you but for us, some of the most exciting camping trips take place during the hottest time of the year. Summer is a great time to get outside and enjoy nature while the kids are not in school and while it's not too cold to spend [...]

6 Best Camping Fans for Warm Weather Camping2021-03-27T14:44:27-07:00

21 Best Large Camping Tents That Won’t Break the Bank

When we go camping we like to try and get the whole family in one tent if possible. Ultimately, that shouldn't be too difficult since there are only 5 of us and many tent manufacturers make 5 and 6 person tents, right? Wrong, when they say it's a [...]

21 Best Large Camping Tents That Won’t Break the Bank2021-03-08T18:42:42-07:00

15 Awesome Summer Camping Tips

Though most of us prefer camping in the more temperate months of spring and fall, summer camping can be just as enjoyable when you’re prepared. In fact, summer camping opens up the option of swimming and other water sports. We compiled the following summer camping tips to make the summer [...]

15 Awesome Summer Camping Tips2021-02-19T20:51:03-07:00

Olight i5T EOS Brass Review

The Final Say: This is a great pocket flashlight that offers a lot of light in a compact size. The Olight i5T EOS flashlight is a great option for anyone looking for a light that is easy to carry around in your pocket but will still produce a decent amount [...]

Olight i5T EOS Brass Review2021-01-23T16:49:43-07:00

9 Best 4 Season Tents for Winter Camping

Finding the best 4 season tent will go a long way to helping you have an awesome winter camping trip. While there are many camping tents to choose from not all of them are 4 season tents. Tents that are true 4 season tents are designed to stand up [...]

9 Best 4 Season Tents for Winter Camping2021-01-10T11:33:56-07:00
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