Ozark Trail 20 Person Tent






Ease of Set-Up


Weather Proofing





  • Lots of space
  • Does well in moderate rain
  • Has 4 rooms


  • A little more difficult to set up
  • Rainfly does not extend very low
  • Slightly weak zippers

The Final Say: This is a seriously large tent. We have had this tent for 3 years now and have used it on extended camping trips 6 times. We originally decided to go with the Ozark Trail 20 Person Tent because of its size. We wanted a tent with enough room for all 6 of us to sleep on cots and still have some extra room for gear as well as an area to play games in the evening.

We definitely got all the space we were wanting with this 20 person tent. We were able to fit 2 cots in each arm of the tent, which leaves a decent amount of space in the middle of the tent, which gives us enough room for playing some games. While we are a family of 6, we highly prefer this tent over a standard 6-person tent.

This is a great tent for either large families/groups or medium families/groups who are wanting lots of extra space inside the tent.

Ozark Trail 20 Person Tent Full Review


We love the size of this tent, but that is because we wanted a really large tent. If you are considering this 20 person tent, then I’m assuming you want a large tent. This will definitely deliver in that area. We comfortably fit 5 cots (2 of them being XXL cots) and a pack-n-play for our infant.

We have no worries about being able to fit another cot into the tent when our youngest grows up and sleeps in her own cot. Even with all the cots in the tent, there is still extra room in the middle for us all to sit and play some games in the evening. This is a really large tent that can fit a lot of people and gear.


The quality of the tent has been good enough to handle extended camping trips for about 3 years now. We’ve used this tent on 8 long camping trips as well as setting it up at our home multiple times for cleaning.

It has held up well without any rips or problems with the fabric or poles. The only issue we’ve had is with one of the door zippers. Sometimes if one of the kids puts too much pressure on the door while it is zipped up, the zipper will come apart in the middle. It isn’t too difficult to fix quickly, but there is a little bit of a worry that, at some point, we won’t be able to get it back together.

Ease of Setup

This is a very large 20-person tent, so it is not as easy as some smaller tents to set up. Additionally, it is not an instant tent, so you will need to insert poles and assemble the tent. That said, it is still not very difficult to set up. I have set up the tent by myself, but it is much easier if at least 2 people are working together.

Typically, we can set up the tent in about 20 minutes. Once you have set it up a couple of times, it becomes pretty straightforward, but it is still not as easy as many other smaller tents. So while it does get easier, this tent does not score very high for ease of setup because it is a more involved process than many other tents.

Weather Proofing

The Ozark Trail 20-Person Tent does moderately well in poor weather conditions. We’ve experienced light and moderate rain while camping in this tent. We had no problems in light rain, but in moderate rain, we had a little bit of water get into the tent. However, it wasn’t enough to cause any problems, and it only happened in one corner of the tent.

The tent does come with a rain fly, but it does not extend very far down the sides of the tent. So it really only covers the top section of the tent. This works fine for light to moderate rain, but I don’t think I’d trust it if I were expecting heavy rain.


The tent does not come with lots of extras, but it comes with features you’d expect to see in a large tent. For example, 3 separate room dividers divide the tent into 4 rooms. This is a nice feature if you are camping with friends and would like to have a little additional privacy. The tent also has multiple storage pockets along the sides and a couple hanging from the ceiling.

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