Our Ratings

Comfort: 9
Durability: 7.5
Warmth: 9
Compressibility: 6
Features: 8.5
Cost: 8.5
Overall Rating

The Good:

  1. Very spacious with lots of extra room
  2. Comfortable 100% cotton flannel liner
  3. Well made with thought put into the design
  4. Stuff sack with attached compression straps included

The Bad:

  1. Requires XXL cot or sleeping bag just as large
  2. Does not pack down as small as other sleeping bags

The Final Say:
This is an awesome sleeping bag at a great price. The XXL version has lots of space and would be great for a larger individual or a person who would like extra space to be able to move around. While it does come with its own stuff sack with attached compression straps, this sleeping bag is still larger than many other bags and so wouldn’t be the best for individuals concerned about space.

The Full Review

While this sleeping bag has lots of great reasons to purchase it, I bought this bag primarily because of the size. I’m only 5’10” and 190lbs but I move around and roll over when I sleep and regular size sleeping bags weren’t providing enough room.


The inside liner is made from 100% cotton flannel and is very comfortable to sleep in.


Teton Sports XXL Fahrenheit sleeping bag is well made and constructed but it does not seem to be built with the ability to take much abuse outside of normal use. The outside shell is made from Taffeta, which is a commonly used fabric for sleeping bags but can be torn/worn out with excessive use.


I ended up going with the 0℉, which has done a great job at keeping me warm at temperatures in the 40s.


This sleeping bag comes with it’s own stuff sack with attached compression straps. The compression straps do help to decrease the overall size of the sleeping bag but it is an XXL, so how small can you really get it. The XXL is great for car camping (camping within walking distance from your car) but it is too large if you are concerned about space or need to fit it in a backpack.


  • No-snag zipper
  • Half circle head pad/hood that can be cinched up
  • Inside pocket for electronics and keys
  • Draft tube to prevent cold air from entering through the zippers
  • Stuff sack with compression straps
  • 100% cotton flannel lining
TETON Sports Fahrenheit XXL +20F Sleeping Bag; TETON Sleeping Bag Great for Cold Weather Camping; Lightweight Sleeping Bag; Hiking, Camping; Grey, Right Zip
  • COMFORTABLE SLEEPING BAG FOR ADULTS: Soft cotton lining; Half-circle mummy style hood keeps you warm and your pillow clean; Unzips at the top or bottom for easy access and ventilation; For camping in all seasons
  • NEVER ROLL YOUR SLEEPING BAG AGAIN: TETON provides a great compression sack for stuffing your sleeping bag; Start at the bottom and stuff the bag in, then tighten the heavy-duty straps