Camco Collapsible Trash Can






Set up







  • Easy Setup
  • Zip Close Lid
  • Thick Plastic
  • Comes with Stake


  • A little short
  • Only One Stake Point

The Final Say:

The Camco Collapsible Trash Can is a super easy way to bring a trash can with you on your next. This is a great alternative to simply hanging a trash bag in a tree or having it sit on the ground next to your kitchen.

This is pop up trash can is great because it collapses down of only 2 1/2″ so finding space for it is super easy. Additionally, set up is very easy. Simply take it out of its bag undo the 2 velcro straps and you have an instant trash can. If you want an easy space-saving way to bring a trash can with you, this is a great option.

The Full Review


The portability is one of the best aspects of the Camco collapsible trash can. The pop up trash can will collapse down to 2 1/2″ tall and is very easy to pack. This is a great camping trash can for those who don’t have a lot of extra space.


The size is where this trash can comes up a little short (no pun intended). While the trash can is tall enough to function well, it would be nice if it was 6″ to 1″ taller. With that being said, the size is not enough of an issue to not use this trash can. It still functions well, it would simply be nice if it was a little taller.

Set Up

Set up of Camco’s pop up trash can is super easy. Simply take it out of the bag, undo the 2 velcro straps, and they place the stake through the loop at the base and into the ground. You can then place a trash bag inside and you are all set to go. Really, this is a super easy trash can to set up.


There are not many extras that come with the trash can but it does have a couple that are nice. There is a zip-close lid which makes it nice to easy close up the trash can. Additionally, it does come with a stake to help keep the collapsible trash can in place. It would be nice if it had to stake point but one still works.


Overall, this is a well-made pop up trash can. It is made of thick plastic, which feels like it will be able to handle some rough usage. The only thing that would probably improve the quality of the trash can would be if it was made out of canvas material. The canvas would give it even more durability but the thick plastic still works well and is less expensive.

Camco 42893 Pop-Up Utility Container – 18” x 24”
  • Stands 2' tall, collapses down to 2 1/2" high
  • Includes zippered storage bag
  • A sturdy frame for 30 gallon bags
  • Features a durable liner, padded handles and a lid that zips closed
Camco Collapsible Trash Can. Great for easily keeping your campsite clean. #TentsnTrees #campinggear