Camping in Hawaii is an experience like no other. From lush jungles to stunning beaches, there is a wide range of camping options available on the islands. Whether you’re looking for a remote wilderness spot or a luxurious campsite with amenities, this comprehensive guide to the best campgrounds and camping locations in Hawaii has something for everyone. Here are the best places to go camping in Hawaii:

Maui Tent Ohana

Best places to go camping in Hawaii, Maui Tent Ohana

This is a unique camping experience located on the beautiful island of Maui. It is the perfect spot for campers who want to experience camping in an idyllic Hawaiian setting and are looking for the perfect balance of luxury and adventure.

You can enjoy the serene ocean views while camping with your ohana (family). You can choose from camping at the beach, amid fields of wild lavender, or in a lush green forest. With all these fantastic options, it’s no wonder that campers rate this spot so highly.

Amenities include:
• showers and flushing toilets
• picnic tables
• BBQ grills
• fire pits with wood provided
• complimentary breakfast
The camping spot is open all year round; reservations are recommended but not necessary; there is no fee for staying, and permits are required only if solo camping in much of the forest area.

Soil to Soul

This remote spot nestled in the jungle is perfect for nature lovers and adventurous travelers. You’ll find both primitive camping and luxury experiences, with plenty of options to suit any taste and budget. Whether it’s swimming in the nearby stream or exploring the diverse flora and fauna of the rainforest, there’s something for everyone at the campground.

You can enjoy the lush jungle setting, take a dip in the private waterfall, and explore the nearby hiking trails. Several on-site amenities include:
• showers
• composting toilets
• picnic tables
• fire pits

Reservations are required for your chosen option, and payment can be made online or upon arrival; however, there is no charge to stay here. A permit may also be necessary depending on your stay duration, but this varies from location to location. It is open year-round, so take advantage now – it’s guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience.

Waianapanapa State Park

Waianapanapa State Park

This camping destination is a must-see for nature lovers – and one of the best places to go camping in Hawaii. Located on Maui’s rugged eastern coast, Waianapanapa State Park offers stunning views of the sea and an array of unique landscapes.

The park has several campsites with:
• picnic tables
• fire pits
• plenty of space to spread out

There is a camping fee, and reservations are required. Additionally, campers can access several trails leading to secluded beaches, caves, and other scenic attractions.

The park is ideal for nature-loving campers who want to explore the Hawaiian coastline and take in its beauty. You’ll find plenty of opportunities for swimming and snorkeling here, as well as plenty of wildlife. Waianapanapa State Park is the perfect spot to get away from it all and reconnect with nature.

Haleakala Backcountry

This is the perfect spot for those looking to get away from it all and experience a truly remote camping experience. You’ll find breathtaking views of crater valleys, dense forests filled with native birds, and rugged terrain, so this campground is best suited for experienced hikers and backpackers who are comfortable camping in remote locations since no amenities are provided.

Ultimately, Haleakala Backcountry is among the best places to go camping in Hawaii for anyone who wants to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and reconnect with nature. No reservations are required, though a permit is needed to enter the area. No matter what camper you are, this park has something for everyone.

Makapu’u Beach Park

Makapu'u Beach Park

This is an excellent choice for those looking to camp in the lap of luxury. This beach park offers stunning views of the famous Makapu’u Lighthouse, and its white sand beach provides plenty of opportunities for relaxation by day and stargazing by night. No reservations are required here, though a fee of $5-$10 is charged for overnight parking.

Campers should note that:
• Open fires are not allowed, so visitors should bring their cooking equipment and essential supplies to enjoy the area
• It also has several bathrooms and showers nearby, making it perfect for those who don’t want to rough it outdoors.

Waimanu Campsite

This is the perfect spot for camping under the stars in a remote, pristine setting. Located at the head of Waimanu Valley, this campsite offers stunning views of lush valleys and majestic waterfalls. It’s ideal for experienced hikers and backpackers who are comfortable camping in remote locations since there are no amenities.

There are nine designated camping spots here, and while reservations are not required, they are strongly recommended to guarantee a spot. There’s no fee for camping here, but a permit is required. It’s open all year round and offers excellent opportunities for fishing, swimming, and exploring the lush valley.

Paliku Backcountry Campsite

Paliku Backcountry Campsite

Located in Waianae, HI, Paliku Backcountry Campsite is a great spot for backpackers and hikers looking to enjoy the area’s beauty without having to stay in a more traditional campground. This campsite offers stunning views of the ocean from atop a ridge that sits between two valleys.

There are also plenty of trails nearby if you want to explore the lush landscape. Although it is open all year, reservations are not required, there is no fee for staying here, and there are no amenities. This campsite is perfect for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and reconnect with nature.

Keauhou Backcountry Campsite

Located at the foot of Mauna Loa volcano, this campsite is a treat for adventurers and outdoor lovers. Keauhou Backcountry Camping is ideal for those looking to immerse themselves in nature and explore the beauty of Hawaii’s volcanic landscape. There are no official camping sites, but the area is open to campers who want to explore its breathtaking landscape.

It’s best suited for experienced campers and hikers as there are no amenities. No reservations are required, and there is no fee for camping. A permit is not required either, but campers should note that the area does close during certain times of the year for safety and environmental reasons.

Camp Olowalu

Best places to go camping in Hawaii, Camp Olowalu

This beautiful campground located in West Maui is the perfect spot for a tropical getaway. It’s among the best places to go camping in Hawaii for those who love to explore the outdoors – there’s plenty of beach access and lush foliage surrounding the area. You can set up your tent on the beach or find one of their 12 campsites equipped with picnic tables and fire rings.

It is open year-round, and those looking to stay a bit longer will appreciate the
• RV hookups
• showers, and restrooms
• on-site convenience store
Reservations must be made in advance, and there is a $24 – $1600 per night for camping, depending on the type of camping you want.

Polipoli Spring State Recreation Area

This campground is situated at 6,200 feet elevation, making it the highest campsite in the state. It’s an excellent spot for those seeking an outdoor adventure in Hawaii. Numerous hiking trails wind through the clouds, and plenty of opportunities to explore nature during your stay.

The campground has ten sites with:
• picnic tables
• fire rings
• composting toilets
• cabins are also available for those wanting to take a break from tent camping

Reservations must be made in advance, and there is a fee per night depending on the camping you want.

Kokee State Park

Kokee State Park, Hawaii

This campground is high up in the mountains of Kauai, offering stunning views and plenty of peace and quiet. The scenery is characterized by lush native forests of Eucalyptus trees and is a great spot to explore the diversity of Hawaii’s flora and fauna.

This site is perfect for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life, with just a few sites available on a first-come, first-served basis. There are no amenities here, so this is definitely a “roughing it” kind of camping experience.

No reservations are required, and there is no fee for staying here. However, a permit is required to camp here, and it is open all year.

Namakanipaio Campground

Located in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Namakanipaio Campground is a tent-only campground situated at a 4000-foot elevation. It is a large site with plenty of room for tents, and the location provides a unique opportunity to explore the volcanic terrain. Visitors can take short hikes around the area, and the campground offers terrific views of Mauna Loa and Kilauea.

The amenities here include:
• flush toilets
• on-site fire
• picnic table
• portable water

Campers should be prepared for high winds and cold temperatures, so it’s best to bring a warm sleeping bag and extra layers of clothing. This campground is ideal for an immersive camping experience with plenty of hiking trails and lush vegetation. No reservations are required, and there is no fee to stay here, but you will need to obtain a permit from the ranger station before setting up camp.

Haleakala National Park

Haleakala National Park

This park is among the best places to go camping in Hawaii. Visitors and campers are treated to a true oasis away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Perched atop an ancient volcano on Southern Maui’s windswept slopes, this national park offers breathtaking views of the Pacific coastline and lush green forest vistas.

There are two campgrounds within the park: Hosmer Grove and Kipahulu.

At Hosmer Grove, time warps back several centuries due to its location at 3,970 feet elevation (1,210 m). Here, you can spot Hawaiian honeycreepers singing their oh-so-sweet songs while enjoying the best sunsets in all of Maui.

Kipahulu Campground is located in a much lusher environment at sea level and provides incredible stargazing opportunities due to reduced light pollution.

For more peace of mind during your stay, reservations and a fee for camping in both locations are required. A permit is necessary for overnighting at either camping area, so check with the local park office about their regulations before making any plans. Also, no amenities are available.

Bellows Field Beach Park

This park features two campgrounds – one near beautiful Bellows Beach, with spectacular views of the ocean and nearby Koolau Mountain Range, and the other right off of Ka’a’awa Stream.

Secluded camping spaces are available at both sites. While they don’t have hookups or bathhouses, they offer abundant natural beauty and peace from the hustle and bustle of urban life. Families, solo adventurers, and campervans alike can enjoy hiking trails throughout the park and access to several sandy beaches for swimming, sunbathing, or fishing.

Facilities include:
• restrooms
• Showers
• picnic tables

Visitors require no permit; however, reservations are suggested during peak times because spots fill up quickly. A $12 fee annually is charged for camping here. Open all year round, Bellows Field Beach Park will provide campers with an unforgettable camping experience in nature’s playground.

Namakanipaio Campground

Namakanipaio Campground

Nestled in the Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park, this campground offers nature lovers great camping and exploration opportunities. It’s home to numerous endemic species of plants and animals, plus a few hiking trails.

It’s a large campground with first-come-first-serve sites and a few reservable spots. There are:
• tent sites
• RV hookups
• cabins
• picnic table
• fire pit
• restrooms with showers

Campers can enjoy wildlife viewing, birdwatching, biking, and many other activities. The campground is open all year round. However, a permit is required for overnight stays.


Hawaii is an excellent destination for campers of all kinds looking to experience the beauty of nature and the adventure that comes with it. With so many unique and special camping locations, there’s something for everyone. Whether you want to stay in designated campgrounds, RV parks, dispersed camping sites, or find free areas to camp with your tent, amazing views and experiences surround you.

Check each location for required fees or permits and when reservations are necessary. So pack your camping gear and get ready for a fantastic time in the best places to go camping in Hawaii.

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